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Default Re: Police w/a sense of humor

Is what it is, after cratering like they did at the end of the game the organization deserves every bit of shade thrown their way. That said, the Bills failures aren't on the players IMO. Our coaches massively failed the team and in particular Josh Allen. He deserves better.

The Bills have a superstar top 2 QB in the league. Frankly I'd take him over any QB in the league. I put no blame on the players, particularly Allen. They won the game, until their coaches massively and repeatedly choked in the final 13 seconds.

Our coaching craters at the most critical points in games on a routine basis, especially when facing great teams. They're the handcuff holding this team back. It's like we have Marvin Lewis who can get the team to a certain point, and then self destructs. I still think, despite their in-game ineptitude (and I am pointing directly at HC Sean McDermott), the Bills will win a Super Bowl if for no other reason than Josh rising above their coaching failures and carrying them on his back as well.

I expect the Chiefs to win the SB this year, as frankly last Sunday was the real SB for 2022. I have no ill will towards them. Our coaches on the other hand... they deserve every bit of criticism being thrown their way. THEY FAILED the team and the city. A big FU from me to them!
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