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Default **CLOSED due to REVISION** PROPOSAL - Bottom 6 Draft Seeding Bracket (DSB) for the 1st 6 draft picks

This proposal would create a bottom 6 playoff bracket where the 6 non-playoff teams would be seeded in reverse order in a bracket to play for the draft positioning. With this setup, seeds 6-3 would have to win 3 games to earn the #1 seed in the draft, whereas the 2 worst teams would only have to win 2 games, The idea is to incentivize all teams to remain as competitive as possible throughout the season and reward them for winning their bracket with better draft positioning since you have to win to get the top picks. This also extends the season so that everyone has a playoffs, either for the trophy or the top seed.

Byes will be given to the 11th and 12th placed teams and they will be seeded 1 & 2 in the Draft Seeding Bracket. This ensures that the 2 worst teams can't fall more than 3 draft slots. It also means the bottom 2 teams only need to win 1 game to guarantee a top 2 pick and 2 games for the #1 overall.

The rest of the bracket will be seeded with the 7th best team seeded 6 against the 10th best team which will be seeded 3, and the 8th best team seeded 5 against the 9th best team which will be seeded 4.

Tie-breakers for seeding the Draft Seeding Bracket will be the same as the Frenzy/SACD Bowl Brackets (just in reverse). Thus the brackets will be set up in reverse order for both seeding and who the teams will face each week to give the worst teams the best chance to advance. HFA will apply to the higher seed as applicable in Frenzy.

Draft Seeding Bracket (DSB) in summary:

DSB Seeding Breakdown
  • 1 seed - non-playoff team with the 12th best record
  • 2 seed - non-playoff team with the 11th best record
  • 3 seed - non-playoff team with the 10th best record
  • 4 seed - non-playoff team with the 9th best record
  • 5 seed - non-playoff team with the 8th best record
  • 6 seed - non-playoff team with the 7th best record

DSB Week 1 (NFL week 15)
  • BYE 1 seed (12th overall)
  • BYE 2 seed (11th overall)
  • 5 seed (8th overall) at 3 seed (10th overall)
  • 6 seed (7th overall) at 4 seed (9th overall)
Losing teams will be seeded 5th and 6th in the draft (with the higher seed getting the better pick). For example if the 3rd seed and 6th seed lost this week, the 6 seed would get the 5th pick in the draft and the 3 seed would get the 6th pick.

DSB Week 2 (NFL week 16)
  • highest remaining seed at 1 seed (12th overall)
  • lowest remaining seed at 2 seed (11th overall)
The losing teams will be seeded 3rd and 4th in the draft (with the higher seed getting the better pick).

For example in the wk1 scenario above the 5 seed would face the 1 seed and the 4 seed would face the 2 seed. If seeds 1 and 4 were to win, the losing 2 seed would get the 3rd pick in the draft and the losing 5 seed would get the 4th pick in the draft.

DSB Week 3 (NFL week 16)
  • lowest remaining seed at highest remaining seed
Winner gets the 1st pick, loser gets the 2nd. In this case say the 4 seed beats the 1 seed, the 4th seed would get the #1 pick in the draft while the 1 seed would get the #2 pick.

Once seeding is assigned from the DSB bracket, that seeding will apply to ALL rounds of the draft.
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